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6D Modelling

The Age Of BIM For FM, Smart Maintenance And New Services

BIM FacilitatesSmarter Maintenance Planning and Execution


The Age Of BIM For FM:

BIM offers much more than just the location of your assets in a building, but it does that too. More importantly, though, the use of BIM can help get all stakeholders involved from the start.

In Term Of FM, With a BIM platform, [asset managers] can get involved in the process very early on during the design and construction phase. So they have a voice in what types of equipment will be selected and installed in the building and in making sure all the information and documents are being captured in the right place, time and manner

3D Model + (FM / Asset Information) = 6D BIM FM

6D Definition

BIM & Facility Management

BIM FM or 6D BIM (6D Building Information Modeling) is a term widely in the construction industry which refers to the intelligent linking of a 3D BIM model and its components to all aspects of project life-cycle, asset, and facilities management information..

Using BIM FM facilities managers can effectively explore, track, and manage information using the powerful parametric capabilities and data embedded in the BIM model to analyze space related data, track inventory and lifecycle data and perform cost needs analysis.

Where a model is created by the designer and updated throughout the construction phase, it will have the capacity to become a 6D"As-Built" BIM model that can be delivered to the owner when a construction project is completed. The model will be able to contain all of the specifications, operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals, and warranty information, which is useful for future maintenance. This eliminates the problems that can currently be experienced if the O&M manual has been misplaced or is kept at a remote location. Sensors can feed back and record data relevant to the operation phase of a building, enabling BIM to be used to model and evaluate energy efficiency, monitor a building's life cycle costs and optimize its cost efficiency. It also enables the owner to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of any proposed upgrades.

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"Bana Yar Mehraz Iraninan" is delivering major benefits for developers, facilities managers and building owners by linking BIM with facilities management on major projects in Iran.

Using BIM for FM :

  • Cost savings at both delivery and operational stages
  • Access to real-time, shared asset profiles
  • Improved awareness of asset locations
  • Relational objects help test scenarios at no cost
  • Greater accuracy in measuring spaces
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Reduced safety risk
  • Greater project predictability and early modification
Information stored within BIM includes schedules and blueprints as well as asset information such as cost, location, service life, carbon impact, maintenance, spares, re-ordering, substitution, serial number, warranty details and more. This can be an overwhelming amount of data to process, but when integrated with a CAFM system, such as Service Works’ QFM for example, the data can be better managed and be even more powerful.

Integrating BIM with facilities management software systems is the holy grail in terms of better quality and standardised data. BIM provides more reliable information to report to the board, as it can be received, stored, combined with other data and analysed seamlessly. BIM allows FMs to take informed decisions through the whole lifecycle of the facility around areas such as space use, floor planning, equipment and asset maintenance, energy consumption, and cost efficiencies. Such is the holistic nature of the BIM and FM integrated data, problems can be diagnosed quickly and performance predicted resulting in fewer equipment and asset failures. Maintenance engineers can also see a 3D visualisation of the asset and its location, together with all service history and specification, and contract information in advance of a maintenance visit, reducing repeat visits and improving response times.

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