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4D Modelling

4D Modelling is Forbetter Understanding of ProjectAccurate project delivery scheduleSaves time and cost Minimized disputesMinimized risks and increased safetyEfficient Logistics Management


At "Bana Yar Mehrza Irianian", one of the crucial elements of our BIM Services in Iran And International is 4D simulation services which we develop in collaboration with the Project Construction Supervision team as well as the data they provide. We take all the data related to the planning of the project as well as its construction and this we use to come up with 4D simulation services

4D BIM simulation services offerings:

  • Converting 3D BIM models to 4D sequencing/phasing outputs
  • Forecast completion and establish milestones before construction begins
  • Clash free mapping of construction activities
  • Generating efficient RFIs for interdisciplinary simultaneous activities
  • Construction activity phasing and planning in real-time
  • Monitor and track activity progress
We address the needs of contractors, engineers, and architects to efficiently plan and control over the construction project activities across by generating construction scheduling process based on 3D BIM models. We develop 4D simulations and phasing in Navisworks for resource allocation, and logistics of building material, supply chain management and risk mitigation.

We empower construction firms and general contractors to practice lean scheduling and visual validation to stay profitable with VDC in BIM.

Through Autodesk Revit and Navisworks, we generate 4D construction videos to help assess the impact of proposed designs and enable allocating optimum resources across the site. We generate accurate phasing charts and sequencing models that help communicate the project teams and enable tracking of material, resources and progress to site engineers and consultants as well as collaborate with one another.

Benefits of partnering with us for 4D BIM services:

  • Optimized construction scheduling for complex projects
  • Eliminating reworks by developing efficient schedules
  • Resolving conflicts and delays in supplies at site
  • Reduced time and cost overruns by misconstructions
  • Easy project management with a visual sequencing of tasks
  • Smart risk management through detailed information beforehand

    Our 4D BIM services Include

    • 4D PRE-BID Presentation

      with BIM to offer a realistic view of construction
    • 4D Time Line Services to

      incorporate individual 3D components or assembles to the schedule
    • 4D BIM Construction Phasing

      an ideal way to visualize the series of construction events
    • 4D Construction Simulation

      to combine 3D models with project schedules across create, realize and enhance phases
    • 4D Construction Video Animation

      to make your project come live before it commences onsite
    • 4D Building Construction & Maintenance Planning

      with CPM schedule to identify maintenance activities
    • 4D Construction Demolition & Renovation

      to address improper design, poor procurement and planning, inefficient material handling, residues of raw materials, and unexpected changes in building design.
    • 4D Applications for Construction Planning

      to make the planning sequence and execution easier to understand

    Tools We Use

    Autodesk Revit92%
    Sketch up50%
    Unreal Engine85%

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