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BIM Implementation


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Our BIM Implementation service is engineered to assist the client to design, develop, manage and implement BIM standards and practices to ensure that upon completion of which, the client will have the knowledge and capabilities to deliver all of their future projects using BIM technologies & processes.

Future strategy

Future Strategy

Despite all the time, effort, and money companies have poured into their BIM or business processes in recent years, many still are not seeing the value for which they planned when they made such investments. Due to the rapidly changing AEC/O business, it is not hard to see why. After a few years, or even by the time a new solution is in place, the environment can shift significantly. "Bana Yar Mehraz Iranian"; believes that being corporately agile is a path of the future. To become agile, we must use strategies to anticipate, plan, and execute our business goals. Leadership development and skills training is all about providing the services to effectively and efficiently impact business. The work we do together is tied to your organization’s strategies and becomes part of your business and your culture.

BIM Implementing:

  • Train clients BIM personnel on various BIM softwares
  • Create regimented BIM workflows/processes
  • Identify & establish specific roles, duties and responsibilities for individuals working in the clients BIM department
  • Review and advise on clients BIM document control and quality control
  • Plan model content and workflows for all clients future projects
  • Advise on software upgrades and purchases
  • Advise on IT requirements for BIM
  • Create/setup family library
  • Create standard QA/QC checklist form for family creation and model handover

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Iran Intelligent BIM solutions (BANA YAR MEHRAZ IRANIAN); is a leading provider of BIM (Building Information Modeling) services to architecture, engineering and construction professional in IRAN.

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BIM Implementation Adoption


Assessing current capabilities

The first step is to analyze the current capabilities of your project or organization, which should include technology, processes and people. An in-depth analysis of each of the fields to be able to define the current level of BIM maturity. The result of this stage is to create a defined starting point for further BIM adoption.

Goals & Ambitions

Each organization has an ultimate ambition, a long-term goal when it comes to adopting BIM. Based on the ultimate ambition, intermediate BIM goals need to be defined together with measurable progress indicators and a targeted milestone. It is important to set achievable goals and milestones, to avoid discouragement taking over a successful adoption.

Shaping the Process

After defining your current situation and milestones it is time to identify the steps that need to be taken to reach the goals. The measurements can be broken down in technology, process and people. Technology relates to implementation of the software packages to support the milestones and ambition. Not only the software, but also complying with the hardware requirements. It also needs to be defined which features will be used, and for what purpose. In case multiple software applications from different vendors are used, interoperability issues need to be identified and addressed. BIM is technology-driven and it greatly impacts workflows and processes. The technology allows us to handle information more efficiently and create parametric relationships between object. Authorization and review procedures need to be submitted. Individual roles need redefinition based on model contributions other than traditional deliverables. Training your people is key when implementing BIM. Identify when, how, who and what training or instruction is needed to reach the next milestone. People need to receive software training, but also need to be instructed regarding their role within the process. Communication plays an important role.

Implementing and Monitoring

One can choose parallel adoption, single project adoption or implementation across the board. It all depends on the situation what will work best. Once a certain level of comfort is reached, the capabilities can be assessed once again by returning to Stage 1. The 4-Stage Implementation Strategy as described above is a generic, simplified process to implement Building Information Modelling successfully. It requires more that purchasing the software and training. As BIM is a non-traditional, non-linear approach, frustration and adverse behaviour are quickly expressed, when implementation by trail-and error. A planned and customized implementation strategy is a must and the only way to climb the maturity ladder of Building Information Modelling.

Service Offerings for BIM consulting:

  • Identify solutions for challenges with BIM migration
  • Educating, training and helping evaluate criteria for BIM execution
  • Organize strategies for BIM implementation and easy adoption
  • Custom BIM solutions according to project complexity, geography and firm
  • Deliver constructability reviews from designs, drawings and plans
  • Pre-contract BEP for BIM assessment and demonstrate the use

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